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Frank Ace: Reviews & Interviews

"A Egg & A Biscuit

Chueffa-CR 60011-2

Arizona-born Frank Ace grew up on country music, but he also credits influences ranging from Joe Scott-era Bobby Blue Bland to '60s-era James Brown.  Ace's rhythm guitar work is robust and funk-infused, and his leads are....on target.  His vocals......have a husky emotionality.

Musically, Ace and his band tackle a variety of blues and blues-related styles ranging from B.B./Bobby sophistication to JB-influenced funk, with pleasing tinges of pop-jazz thrown in.  He's a deft, if not particularly trailblazing soloist,....."

Read the whole review in the  October #215 issue of Living Blues magazine

David Whites - Living Blues Magazine (Oct 30, 2011)

Radio Interviews

KKFI FM Radio Interview

Voodoo Kittens Radio Show - Radio Review kkfi-fm kansas City (Dec 1, 2009)
Ramblin Bert Frank-Whus-FM 91.7in Connetticut
Ramblin' Bert - Interview from September, 2009 (Sep 15, 2009)

Recording Artist

Your new CD is cooking..
Travis "Moonchild" Haddix - Recording Artist
Travis "Moonchild" Haddix - Recording Artist
"Frank Ace is one of the best "Blues and Soul singers and guitar players...
that I've heard in a long, long time"
Frankie Lee - Recording Artist
Frankie Lee - Recording Artist
"This new CD (Cry U out of my heart) is unique with a special touch of the blues. Listening to this CD, I hear and feel that this is one of the best yet to come from my long-time friend and fellow musician, guitarist and vocalist Frank Ace...with this CD, he is sure to get his's a great CD."
Vernon Garrett - Recording Artist
Vernon Garrett - Recording Artist

Blues Magazines

Frank Ace, "Cry U out of my heart". "His leads are exploratory and tasteful, imbued with
enough fire to stir the heart as well as the head."
"His supple baritone is seasoned by a churchy graininess that lends substance to even the most trivial lyrics"...
David Whiteis - Living Blues Magazine
"Cry U out of my heart" !
The smooth feel of the album has a production that is very reminiscent of the great Malaco label of the eighties. ...from the late, late saturday night cool sax, (provided by Chris Baker for the title track) to the humid, and sticky sound of the south...definitely worth a listen!"
Brian Harman - @bluesartstudio
Brian Harman - @bluesartsstudio
“Cry U Out Of My Heart” is a moody, magnificent masterpiece that proves to one-and-all that Frank Ace is seriously overlooked and unheralded.
Here’s an artist who could easily become #1 Blues Man.
Andy Grigg - Real Blues
Andy Grigg - Real Blues Magazine
This is the (very) long awaited follow-up to guitarist/singer Frank Ace's 1999 Chueffa debut, "Get On Line, Baby."
"Cry u out of my heart" is another classy offering from a journeyman artist who really deserves a bigger rep than he has. I enjoyed it a lot; and if you have a liking for modern Blues stylings, I think you will, too."
Phil Wight - Blues & Rhythm Magazine - April, 2005
Phil Wight - Blues & Rhythm Magazine
Frank Ace, It's About Time, (Raina R.4840-11)
"Ace is a singer/guitarist in the B.B. King/Little Milton vein, and this self produced CD is a very polished, highly produced program of laid-back, late-night blues".
PRA - Living Blues Magazine
PRA - Living Blues Magazine
Frank Ace Blues Band
Get On Line, Baby
"If you are wondering what happened to real blues,check out this CD by The Frank Ace Blues Band.
Here you will find strong, straight ahead, down home blues - the kind that is defined in the dictionary". "You can't help notice the Albert King, BB king and Son Seals influence in his guitar solos and melodies".
"Throughout, Frank Ace delivers hefty vocals and piercing guitar solos. He is a gifted songwriter even if his influences are more than obvious on occasion. thanks to Frank's top quality production, the sound is crystal clear resulting in a live feel to the disc. Ace is motivated to be more than a good band and he states, "Blues is a feeling; it comes from inside". On this CD, he excels at both".
Tim Holek - Southwest Blues magazine
Tim Holek - Southwest Blues Magazine
The Frank Ace Blues Band
Get On Line, Baby
Chueffa (no#)
"Ace puts over a crisply played program of contemporary blues". "Based on the evidence here, it may be time for Frank Ace to step up from regional to national recognition".
Jim DeKoster - Living Blues Magazine
Jim DeKoster - Living Blues Magazine
Norman Darwem wrote, " Cry U Out Of My Heart is very, very
"Frank has a muscular vocal sound"
"He is also a strong writer," "the arrangements
are more imaginative"
"a quietly impressive
release." Rating 8 - Norman Darwen
Norman Darwen - Blues In Britain magazine
Norman Darwen - Blues In Britain Magazine
Anyone who has seen Frank perform, know that he is a great guitarist and singer.
"Cry U Out Of My Heart (Chueff Records) pretty much typifies Frank's live show, as this CD is filled with Frank's wailing guitar and insightful lyrics and vocals.
"I'm The One" in my opinion, perhaps the best track here.
This is an enjoyable release...
Alan Shutro - The Blues Bytes
Alan Shutro - The Blues Bytes

Internet Radio Reviews

Frank Ace "Cry u out of my heart" Chueffa 2005....
Genuine real blues....well done final production with elegant bright arrangements....good original excellent blues....
Vicente P. Zumel - La Hora Del Blues
Vicente P. Zumel - La Hora Del Blues