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Frank Ace: HD Pic's & Links

Thanks for putting this on!&nbsp; I didn't know there was a video made of that performance.&nbsp;</p> <p>I had cut the middle finger on&nbsp;my left hand pretty bad about a week before the concert, and that Friday night before the concert Phil and a few other friends encouraged me to take a solo at this club.&nbsp; I started off real careful and it&nbsp;seemed o k, so I let&nbsp; it all hang out... the stitches broke, so no solos during the festival&nbsp;.&nbsp; Thanks Phil.&nbsp; ;-)&nbsp; "Howard Collings and Bobby Smith's&nbsp;solo's were outstanding" (F. L. Wallace)&nbsp; They always did their best at the right time.&nbsp;</p> <p>The Frank Ace Blues Band formed in 1999,&nbsp;three years of great music in and out of the studio.&nbsp;</p>

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KCUR Fish Fry

Blues music friday and saturday night on the radio, Live from Kansas City, MO....."It's the Fish Fry" Haddix"

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101 THE FOX Kansas City
Live Blues Show, your host Lindsay Shannon Sunday 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
KKFI 90.1 fm Community radio in Kansas City
Good website!
The Blues Bytes
Good site!
La Horadel Blues
Music, Reviews, and comments. Very good!

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