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Frank Ace: Calendar

Mar 7, 2008 Uncle Bo's blues bar @ The Ramada Inn Topeka KS USA
Feb 7, 2008 Uncle Bo's Downtown in The Ramada Inn Topeka, KS
Jan 19, 2008 Marty's Blues Cafe Merriam KS USA
Jan 5, 2008 UNCLE BO'S Topeka KS USA
Jan 4, 2008 BB's Lawnside BAR-B-Q Kansas City MO U S A
Dec 26, 2007 The Ground Round St. Joseph MO USA

Great Food.....Great Drinks come as U are...mix and mingle...Santa's gone back to the North Pole....Drink up and enjoy the music!!!

Dec 1, 2007 Uncle Bo's Topeka Ks USA
Nov 28, 2007 The Ground Round St. Joseph MO USA
Nov 17, 2007 First Ward House St. Joseph MO USA
Oct 19, 2007 Uncle Bo's Topeka KS USA

The last time was a blast, this time is going to be much much better.

Oct 6, 2007 Varsity Blues BBQ Topeka, KS USA

I was a little under the weather, but we had a fun night anyway. Varsity Blues
is a right on club, We loved it! Modesto, you ole dog. It was so good to see you again. Also "Doc" and Big Woody dropped by.

Oct 5, 2007 BB's Lawnside Bar-B-Que Kansas City MO USA

Frank Ace's Bar-B-Q rating:
* * * * * !!!!
It was good to see my good friend Larry Dean again.

Sep 29, 2007 Oktoberfest 2007 Lee's Summit MO USA

Now you're talking about a good time MAN that was fun and the food was to-die-for-dude! HA HA!
Thanks Connie!

Sep 25, 2007 The Ground Round St. Joseph MO USA
Sep 22, 2007 Palma's Authentic Mexican Restaurant St. Joseph, MO USA

I love this place!!!!

Sep 14, 2007 Magoon's St. Joseph MO USA
Sep 8, 2007 BB's Lawnside Bar B Que Kansas City, MO USA
Aug 25, 2007 Magoon's St. Joseph MO
Aug 22, 2007 Ground Round St. Joseph MO USA
Jul 25, 2007 Ground Round St. Joseph MO

Good fun, Chili (harmonica) came by and played with me, good music good fun.
Thanks Chili, i'm thinking I might use him on my next CD.

Jul 11, 2007 Magoon's St. Joseph MO

Last night was a fun night, Mickey and Wilbur of Page2, were a blast to play with. Chili dropped by with his harmonica and turned the place out. If you missed it, too bad! Those nights are really special. "YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE"! We had a BLAST!..:-)

Jul 7, 2007 Summer Blues Blast Kansas City KS USA
Jul 6, 2007 BB's Lawnside Bar B Q KANSAS CITY MO
Jul 4, 2007 Ground Round St. Joseph MO
Jun 23, 2007 Palma's Authentic Mexican Restaurant St. Joseph MO


Apr 7, 2007 Kingfisher Bar & Grill Tucson AZ
Mar 17, 2007 Kingfisher Bar & Grill Tucson AZ
Mar 5, 2007 Kingfisher Bar & Grill Tucson AZ
Feb 27, 2007 Immanuell Campus of Care Sun City AZ
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